Maloney Landscaping & Paving Co, Inc - Winter Services

winter services

Maloney's Snow & Salting Services

Winter weather in Wisconsin can certainly be unpredictable. Our staff is dedicated to monitoring the weather and ensuring that sites are clear and as safe as possible for each new snow occurrence. We offer seasonal, and per time services. We also have loaders available to relocate snow onsite or haul snow off site with dump trucks.

Also Maloney Landscaping & Paving is a complete salting company for parking lots, driveway and sidewalk salting.


Maintaining a clear parking lot and driveway for you, your customers and staff is essential for your business and home. This is why Maloney Landscaping and Paving,Inc. is ready to assist you with the right and reliable equipment you would expect.

Sidewalk Shoveling & Snow Blowing

Many of our clients who receive parking lot plowing services receive sidewalk clearing services as well. Our crews work in conjunction with our plowing staff to ensure each property is effectively cleared of accumulating snow.

Parking Lot Salting

Since even a parking lot clear of snow can still be hazardous, we also offer parking lot salting services to provide that extra measure of safety for your property.

Sidewalk Salting

We recommend that our sidewalk clearing crews also apply a de-icing agent to the sidewalks to minimize the risk of ice build up and related slip and falls.